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Featured Members: Round 4!


This next group of Featured Members includes three prolific contributors to Support Community! Inger Hohler, Shadow, and Regina Litman use their deep knowledge of the site and their respective subject areas to help clear their fellow learners’ confusions and expand their learning. Let’s give it up for these amazing support community helpers!

Inger Hohler has volunteered her time to Khan Academy in many ways, having served as a Guardian, Support Advocate, and Star Guide. She provides assistance to her fellow learners with project evaluations, answering various questions in Technical Issues and Workarounds and Classroom Tips and Tricks, and the occasional heartfelt note in Positive Stories and Testimonials. :) Thank you, Inger, for all of your valuable contributions to Khan Academy!

Regina Litman regularly posts her tips and ideas to learner issues in Technical Issues and Workarounds, Classroom Tips and Tricks, General Khan Academy Questions, and Study Group! As a self-professed adult learner on Khan Academy, Regina provides clear and direct responses to her fellow learners, especially as they relate to math content. Thank you, Regina, for all your help!

Shadow is a current Support Advocate for Khan Academy, and you’ll often find him answering learner questions in General Khan Academy Questions and Technical Issues and Workarounds. He launched Khan Academy Olympics, an unofficial coding competition on the CS section of the site, designed to allow learners to compete in a friendly atmosphere to building their coding skills. Thank you Shadow for all that you do -- keep it up!