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Η Ελληνική Ομάδα / The Greek Team


The Khan Academy Greek localization initiative began in 2010, and is led by the non-profit Mathaino. This is a collaborative effort among many volunteers throughout the world whose continued commitment and perseverance allows us to bring this world-class educational content and platform to all Greek learners and educators.

Khan Academy would like to thank all the volunteers who’ve dedicated their time, energy, and expertise to our mission: a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

We would like to recognize the following contributors whose dedication and belief in our mission resulted in the majority of our Khan Academy Greek text translations, subtitles and video creations in math, physics and chemistry.

George Frangoudakis

Byron Theodoropoulos

Nicholas Zavras

Costas Stergiou

Maria Gkritzali

Dimitris Lykakis

George Archontas

Christos Merinopoulos

Eugene Vaios

Dimitris Stefos

Elizabeth Miliati

Marianna Kotzia

Dimitris Vardoulakis

Giorgos Karalis

Arly Kallionaki

Sofia Stefos

Margarita Bikouvaraki

Xanthos Hadjidemetriou

Andreas Tsatsanis

Chris Vaios (Greek Language Advocate)


A very special thank you to Khan Academy’s International team, as without them this initiative would have never been possible.


Anna Berns

Caroline Charrow

Seth Olshfski





Khan Academy Greek Translation Team