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How do I go back to having the full YouTube video player as my default player, and how can I view videos on YouTube?


The standard YouTube video player reverts to the fallback (backup) player in instances of heavy traffic or network restriction issues. This is a way of supporting users with low bandwidth or in locations that heavily regulate YouTube content.

While the function of the fallback player is the same as the YouTube one, it does not have the same options as the full player, including not being able to change the video speed or personalize the appearance of the subtitles. 

To return to the full Youtube video player, you will need to be on the lesson page. You can get there from any modal by clicking on the video's title (you'll notice it's hyperlinked).


Once you're on the lesson page, click the Switch to full player option at the bottom right of the video. This will reload the video in the full player, keep you watching on Khan Academy, and should return this player to your account's default player.


In addition, you can play the video directly on YouTube following similar steps.

As in the previous directions, click on the video's title while the modal is displayed


Once you are on the lesson page, scroll to the very bottom (below the questions and comments) and click Video on YouTube

Note: This approach will take you out of your Khan Academy account. This means that:

  • You won't get credit for watching the video,
  • You won't be able to view your video progress,
  • You won't have your assignment marked as complete (if applicable), and
  • You won't collect points or badges for watching the video on YouTube. 


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