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Featured Members: Round 3!


Our third round of Featured Members highlights newer contributors who’ve recently joined the Support Community! From posting helpful tips and advice to learners struggling with math or science, to ideas about and workarounds for using the site, 20leunge, Nimnath, and Amy are steadily making their mark in helping Khan Academy learners and teachers reach their educational goals. Keep it up, and thank you so much!

20leunge helps fellow learners struggling with math and chemistry, in the form of breaking down various theorems and functions with clear instructions and approachable examples. They also doesn’t hesitate to share their recommendations for outside reading and resources, where relevant. If they see a question or issue that would be better served in a different discussion section, they’ll advise accordingly. Thank you for lending your voice to the Support Community!

Nimnath is another friendly face in the Support Community who clarifies their fellow learners’ questions about math, specifically calculus, statistics, and trigonometry. Their answers show the learner how to problem solve, rather than simply giving the answer, which we’re all about here at Khan Academy! Thanks Nimnath!

Amy Forsythe helps her fellow teachers in the Support Community better understand Khan Academy’s Classroom tools and products with detailed instructions and relevant screenshots. For new teachers, she suggests making sample courses to test functionality and better understand the product. Amy’s assistance and friendly tone really help make the Support Community a welcoming place for both learners and teachers alike!