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How does Khan Academy make content more accessible?


At Khan Academy, we care a great deal about accessibility. Our goal is to help ensure that learners with varying abilities and needs are able to access our materials.

As assistive technologies change and evolve, we strive to keep our site up to date with the most popular technologies on the browsers we support.  

We conduct accessibility reviews and use our findings to improve our software. We have improved our modals to enable keyboard navigation and better screen reader compatibility, adjusted color contrast to meet the WCAG contrast ratio standards, and updated icon designs that previously relied purely on color to indicate status change.

  • For learners with low vision or colorblindness. We've added the ability to hide visually-dependent content and remove color from videos. Logged-in users can choose this feature via Settings > Accessibility. 
  • For learners who are deaf or hard of hearing. Transcripts and subtitles are available shortly after video publishing. You can find the video transcript for any given video, by clicking on the video title. This will bring you to the lesson page; once there, under any video, you are able to select the Transcript tab. 
  • For learners with sensitivity to animations. Khan Academy has a reduce-motion feature. Logged-in users can choose this feature via Settings > Accessibility.

For screen reader users to automatically hear the captions without the audio from the video overlapping, there is now a checkbox in your account settings that allows you to mute the videos in the platform (as seen in the screenshot below).



Also, all the videos will now be muted by default for new users; however, the videos will remain unmuted once you toggle the volume in one of them and unmute it.

In other words, if a user comes to a video for the first time, it will be muted. If they unmute that video and navigate to another one, that video will also be unmuted.