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Can Khan Academy content be used with read-aloud tools?


Yes, you may copy and paste articles into read-aloud software. We don’t place any digital rights management (DRM) restrictions on Khan Academy content; we only ask that you include attribution when appropriate.

We’ve noticed that Khan Academy learners who require read-aloud capability are often already comfortable with their preferred read-aloud tools, so our goal is to make sure Khan Academy is easy to use with the tools learners are already familiar with.

However, for users who don't already have a preferred read-aloud tool, here’s one approach:

  • Copy and paste text from Khan Academy into a Word document, and save it as a PDF.
  • Open the PDF in a PDF reader— Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, for example, is free.
  • In Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, click on the Read Out Loud option in the View menu.

This approach may be helpful for a variety of users, including younger students who can benefit from being read to and students who process auditory information more readily than visual information.