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August 2018 Programming Winners (Inspirational Person)!



Thanks to everyone who participated in August's Programming Contest! The theme for this month's contest was to create an HTML project that highlighted an inspirational person or group of people. Entrants were encouraged to include the inspirational person's life events, historical significance, pictures, and drawings! 

Below are the winning entries, along with judging rationale from the Challenge Council.  Congratulations to everyone for their hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm!

Remember: You never lose. Either you win or you learn :)


Advanced Bracket


Brendan Eich - Inspirational Person

Created By: To13

Why we chose this program:

The slideshow format and informational pages that this program used to convey information was very creative and impressive! The animations and overall site design are very sleek and have a professional look!



My Inspirational People

Created By: Reader Writer Penguin

Why we chose this program: The smooth animations and color scheme blend very nicely in this webpage! The use of separate pages and the navigation bar work very nicely, and the webpage is very well organized.



Nikola Tesla: The Man Who Invented the 20th Century

Created By: AquA217

Why we chose this program: This program has an amazing use of javascript for an impressive number of pages and even a search function! The simplistic design and color scheme provides a very clean and modern look.


Intermediate Bracket



Created By: DΛЯKFIЯΣ

Why we chose this program: This program has excellent use of CSS and fonts. The minimalistic design works very well for this webpage and provides a very clean and professional look.



Ronald Reagan

Created By: Malachi

Why we chose this program: This webpage includes an excellent use of javascript navigation and animations. The overall design looks great and the site is easy to navigate!



Le Petit Vingtième

Created By: Grace and Gityalila

Why we chose this program: 
This webpage has a unique and very creative cartoon/newspaper feel. The soft colors and images work very nicely together!


Beginner Bracket


Who inspires me

Created By: Margarett

Why we chose this program: 
The black and white design fits very nicely with the topic. The overall design looks very nice, and the webpage includes lots of information!



Nelson Mandela

Created By: Buruk

Why we chose this program: 
This webpage has a good use of colors and CSS. The text and background fit very nicely together and give the webpage a unique look!


My Favorite Person (Michael J. Jackson)

Created By: Nebula Mage

Why we chose this program: 
This webpage has a great use of colors to draw the viewer's eye to the main points of the content. The webpage is very well laid out and all of the components fit very nicely together.