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July 2018 Programming Winners (Create a Game)


Thanks to everyone who participated in July's programming contest! The instructions were to create a game (based on one that already exists or coming up a new one altogether), taking into account randomized "events" like rolling a dice or spinning a spinner, along with allowing multiple players and validating moves, where possible. These functionalities are a sure challenge for any level of coder, so a huge congrats to all who created games for this contest!

Below are the winning entries, along with judging rationale from the Challenge Council.  Congratulations to everyone, and there's still time to enter August's contest if you want to give it another shot!

Remember: You never lose. Either you win or you learn :)


Advanced Bracket


Created By: Ed

Why we chose this program: 
This game has a really interesting AI player with multiple skill levels, with the higher skilled AIs proving to be quite challenging! The smooth animations and design worked very well together, and gave the game great visual appeal. Playing this version of Kalah felt just like playing the real game!



Created By: BB-8

Why we chose this program: 
The ability to change the number of players, and whether the players are human or AI players, made this game really interesting. The gameplay was very nice overall, and the program uses fun colors and designs. This is also a game that most people are not familiar with, so it was nice to see something new!


Tic Tac Toe 3D

Created By: Luke and Jacob

Why we chose this program: 
This program put a really interesting twist on a classic game. The introduction of the 3D element to Tic Tac Toe completely changed the overall strategy and gameplay. This program is very unique and demonstrates great CS skill!


Intermediate Bracket


Created By: AquA217

Why we chose this program: 
This program puts a slight twist on the classic Guess Who? game by including a background crime story. The playability in this program is great, and the game really makes you think!


Noughts And Crosses (Animated)

Created By: Morgan

Why we chose this program: 
This version of Tic Tac Toe has great interactivity and playability. The animations are really cool, and the code is written very nicely!


Chinese Checkers

Created By: pinkpuppy22

Why we chose this program: 
The simplistic design of this rendering of Chinese Checkers has great visual appeal. The colors fit very nicely together, and the background shadow helps give the program depth and a 3D feel. Overall, the graphic has a very nice clean and modern look!


Beginner Bracket

My entry of "Contest: Board Game"

Created By: Grace and Gityalila

Why we chose this program: 
This graphic has great attention for detail, and includes all of the text, cards, and game pieces from the original Monopoly. The colors and style look just like the real game!


Scrabble Board Game

Created By: ᗰᗩᖇGᗩᖇETT

Why we chose this program: 
This graphic includes lots of detail and provides an accurate representation of the real board. The colors look very nice together, and whoever was playing the game knows that Khan Academy is amazing!