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Update: Khan Academy has a new logo!


Big news from our marketing team!!  Khan Academy has a new logo, which you’ll begin seeing across all of our products very soon.


We know this is a big change, so we wanted to share some of the philosophical and technical rationales behind it.

  • Khan has changed a lot since we first adopted the “hand-tree” logo...
    • We’ve broadened from math to many subjects, including the sciences, humanities, computer science, and test prep
    • We’ve grown from only videos to an expansive bank of practice questions and articles
    • We’ve broadened our scope from mainly serving learners to also building robust tools for educators
    • And from a single desktop product to multiple app and mobile products!
  • From a technical perspective, our former logo presented several persistent challenges to our design team
    • The full hand-tree symbol was technically difficult to scale as a non-geometric figure
    • And then there were times when we used only the leaf, which was difficult to recognize out-of-context, and similarly difficult to scale
    • The hand-tree has also become somewhat ubiquitous as a logo or group symbol (try Googling ‘hand tree logo’...)





Khan Academy’s new logo has evolved to reflect these changes, and has flexed to meet its technical challenges, while still celebrating the core Khan Academy values. It:

  • Retains the leaf symbol, which reflects youthful growth and joy
  • Continues to reflect Khan Academy’s  joyful, empowering, distinct, and flexible culture while becoming more modern and applicable across devices.
  • Integrates the hexagon shape, which reflects a building block used in math, in nature, and in art
  • Combines and celebrates both the academic focus and passion for learning that we value both as an organization and as a community