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Introducing... Khan Academy Kids!


Khan Academy is excited to announce a new addition to our family of mobile apps - Khan Academy Kids!

Khan Academy Kids combines subjects like math and reading with creative activities like drawing and storytelling.  Animated characters guide children through educational materials at the right level for them.  As they learn, kids collect bugs, hats, and toys for their favorite characters.


Khan Academy Kids is a complete learning experience across multiple subjects that is aligned to the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework for preschool-aged children, and Common Core State Standards for kindergarten-aged children. It is designed to adapt over the years as a child grows, and includes social-emotional learning.

Parent participation is also a key component of the Khan Academy Kids experience.  Parents can engage in learning activities with their child and read books out loud.  They can view their child’s progress on activities in the Library and set up accounts for multiple children, all for free.

Khan Academy Kids is available as a free download in the App Store and in beta for Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.