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May 2018 Programming Contest Winners: Favorite City


May’s programming contest asked people to create a webpage using HTML and CSS that describes their favorite city.  We got to hear all about the compelling reasons one would want to live in Arizona, or Mars, or in a fictional 12th century city, or a digital valley, and a wide variety of other wild and interesting places.  Have you been to any of them? Which city would you visit?


Advanced Category

Orbital City, described by KhanGressman (ElliotThomas)

ThreeD Valley, described by Pixel Programs(Interactive Programs)

Isauria City, described by Admiral Betasin


Intermediate Category

Český Krumlov, described by Vιolετ™

Toronto, described by momohb2007

Sedona, described by Supersonic


Beginner Category

Aetera, Mars, described by AquA217

Nashville, described by Rocket Productions

Paris, France, described by jacob.owen.bates