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Update: SAT Coach Tool Improvements


Since launching our SAT Practice, we've gotten tons of feedback from teachers and students. Recently, we made some improvements to the coach tools that should make it easier for teachers to support their students' learning. Specifically, in the SAT tab of a class, teachers will now see the following sections:

  • SAT practice activity
  • Students who have not yet shared their SAT activity
  • Top Math classroom lessons
  • Top Reading & Writing classroom lessons


SAT practice

This first table shows an overview of students' practice activity on Official SAT Practice.

For each student, this section includes the following items:

  • Time practiced for any specific time range.
  • Personal question goal. Each student creates their own practice schedule in which they choose a specific number of questions to practice for each session they have scheduled.
  • Total practiced questions and the number of those questions that were recommended questions and other questions.
  • Whether or note the student has connected their account to College Board for personalized recommendations based on past PSAT/NMSQT or SAT exams.


Time filter

Use the time filter in the top left corner to view your student’s practice activity across any time range, including all time, last 30 days, last 7 days, yesterday, today, or any custom range with a specific start and end date.



Subject filter

Click on the subject title in the top left corner to view activity across all SAT practice or to narrow activity to only math or only reading & writing.


Note: Because we have recently added this filter, you can view subject-specific activity from April 21, 2018 onward.


Downloadable Data

You can download a .csv file of the SAT practice activity chart by clicking the Download CSV link in the top right corner of the chart.



Total practice questions = recommended questions + other questions

Official SAT Practice provides recommended questions based on each students’ past PSAT/NMSQT or SAT exam results (for students who linked a College Board account), or the results of their diagnostic quizzes (for students who did not link a College Board account).
We encourage students to work on recommended questions to target the concepts they have not yet mastered, and this break down will help teachers identify whether students are focusing on areas that need attention.



We hope that these changes will make supporting your students with their SAT work easier and more effective! Good luck, everyone!