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How can I get feedback on my essay?


We're thrilled to offer Khanmigo subscribers access to the Khanmigo Academic Essay Feedback tool – a powerful resource designed to make receiving feedback on your essays both swift and straightforward.

Whether you're looking to polish a draft or seek comprehensive feedback on a new submission, Khanmigo is here to support your academic journey every step of the way.

Getting started is simple

To dive into the world of enhanced essay feedback, navigate to the "AI Activities" on our platform. Once there, scroll to the "Write" section and look for the "Give feedback on my academic essay" option. This is your gateway to insightful feedback on your written work.

Academic essay tool side bar location.jpg

Effortlessly manage your essays

Upon selecting the essay feedback option, you'll be directed to the "My Essays" area. Here, your previously submitted essays are neatly organized, with the most recently modified ones appearing first. Exploring your past work or revisiting feedback is just a click away on the essay title.

If you decide to declutter, removing an essay is as simple as hitting the delete icon.

Submitting a new essay for feedback

Ready to gain insights on a new piece of writing? Start by selecting "Review new essay" from the main page. You'll be prompted to copy and paste your essay into a designated text area. Be sure to select your grade level and specify the essay type for a more tailored feedback experience. Remember to paste the essay prompt or instructions for context and strip out any personal identifiers like your name or class to maintain privacy.

Once everything is in place, submit your essay for review and await the valuable insights.

Personalizing your essay title

Should your essay lack a title or if a title update is necessary, making adjustments is seamless. Simply click on the title area to edit. Rest assured, your changes will auto-save moments after you stop typing, indicated by a save icon appearing in the upper right corner, next to the copy button.