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How do I add a course to my class?


Khan Academy has distinct collections of learning materials for various subjects, which we refer to as courses. Once added to your Khan Academy classes, these courses act as the “curriculum” from which you can make assignments or Mastery Goals for your students.

Why is it important to add courses to a class?

Adding courses to your classes on Khan Academy makes navigating your experience as a teacher far more easy, is imperative to making sure all Khanmigo teacher features work properly, and ensures Administrator reports are accurate for Khan Academy District partners.

Adding courses for the first time:

When you first create a Khan Academy teacher account, you will be greeted with the full menu of Khan Academy courses. Select the Course(s) you would like added to your first class, which we make automatically for you. If you aren’t seeing the course you would like, try searching for it at the top of the list!

Adding courses to existing Khan Academy classes

If you've already set up classes on Khan Academy, or are part of a Khan Academy Districts partnership and automatically have your classes added to your roster, the next step is to add courses to those classes. 

There are 3 ways to add courses to existing Khan Academy classes:

1. The “Add a course” button on the Teacher Dashboard:

  • When on your Teacher Dashboard, you'll see a blue button that says "Add a Course" for any classes that don't have one yet. 
  • Click on this button to open the course menu, where you can add one or multiple courses. Again, if you can't find the course you're looking for, you can search for it at the top of the list!
  • Select the course or courses you want, then click “Save” to add them to your class 

2. When making assignments or Mastery Goals from your Teacher Dashboard 

  • Before you can create an assignment or Mastery Goal on your Teacher Dashboard, you are prompted to add a course. Click on either of these prompts to open up the course menu to select from. 

3. On the Class Settings page:

  • In your chosen class, click the "Settings" option on the left hand menu. Then click the blue “Change course” link, which will open up the full course menu. Select the course(s) you’d like, then click “Save” to add them to your class. 

What if I selected the wrong course?

You can modify your course selections at any time through the below methods: 

  1. The “Edit courses” link on the Assign Mastery Goals tab of the Class Dashboard
  2. The “Edit courses” link from the course dropdown on the “Assign contenttab of the Class Dashboard

  1. The “Change Courses” link in the “Settings” tab of the Class Dashboard

We hope this article was helpful in understanding how to add a course to your Khan Academy class! If you need more help with using Khan Academy, please visit our Help Center or let us know by submitting a support request.