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How do I find network response data when reporting errors?


In order to investigate certain extra tricky problems, we may ask for advanced diagnostic reports on your end. This is definitely a bit of extra work for you, so we appreciate it tremendously when you're able to send these.

Here's how to find network response data for parts of the site that you're having trouble loading.

  1. Using the Chrome browser, open up your developer tools.

  2. Within your developer tools, go to the Network panel.

  3. Navigate to the part of Khan Academy that's been giving you trouble.

  4. With your developer tools still open to the Network panel, interact with the content that hasn't been working. If this is a video, start playing the video.

  5. Watch the assets that appear in the Name column as the video plays.  If you've been having trouble watching the video, some of these should be red.


  6. Click the red asset(s), then view their Response panel(s):


  7. Copy and paste both the URL of the asset(s), and their respective Response data, into your support ticket.



  8. Please also include screenshots of your entire screen when you submit these - these will help confirm that we're reading your logs correctly.

Note: When there are multiple red assets, you only need to include one of each type. So, for example, we only need Response data for one of the video playback?mime assets and the qoe?event=streamingstats asset.