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Khanmigo Lite - Privacy Notice


At Khan Academy, we  take privacy very seriously, and we  want you to be able to make informed  choices  about your privacy.    This notice describes  privacy considerations when using Khanmigo Lite GPTs  built by Khan Academy.

GPTs are custom versions of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool offered by OpenAI.   As a builder, Khan Academy does not have access to your personal data  when you use Khanmigo Lite GPTs.   We may receive information from OpenAI about your question or prompt, which does not contain personal identifying information, and Khanmigo Lite responds to the prompt.  We do not keep a record of the exchange.

When you use Khanmigo Lite, use of your data is subject to OpenAI’s privacy policy and controls and usage policies.  Please refer to OpenAI’s privacy policy for information about your privacy choices when using GPTs, including your choices regarding whether OpenAI can use your chats to train its models.

Remember:  Khanmigo Lite GPTs are an AI tool. We recommend that you do NOT share personal data when using Khanmigo Lite or any other large language model (LLM).