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What parent tools are available on Khanmigo?


Khanmigo offers tools built for parents to support you and your children's' learning journeys on Khan Academy. 

This article will cover what parent tools are available on Khanmigo, where they are located, and how to troubleshoot your account if you are not seeing the parent tools. 

In addition to being able to turn on Khanmigo for your children, the below 3 Khanmigo activities are designed just for parents:

1. Refresh my knowledge: this is designed to help parents understand the subjects they may be assisting their children with on their schoolwork

2. Summarize child chat history: this activity helps you quickly see a summary of your child's interactions with Khanmigo, including the topics discussed and if any conversations were flagged by our moderation system as inappropriate. 

3. Chat with GPT-4: this activity is only available to parents and teachers, as it gives you access to talk with GPT-4 about the subject of your choice. Please note, while this is a more flexible activity, Khanmigo's moderation system and community guidelines still apply. 

  • For this reason, we do not recommend sharing your Khanmigo-enabled parent account with your child. Instead, we recommend making a free account for your child, and turning on Khanmigo for them to use on that account. Then, they can enjoy using Khanmigo as a learner without access to the parent tools. 
  • This article has guidelines on how to do this: How do I enable or disable Khanmigo on my child's account? 

The Khanmigo parent tools are located on the Khanmigo Activities page in the Parent Tools section (pictured below)

If you are a parent, but are not seeing the parent tools on the activity page, please follow the below steps:

1. Visit your account settings page by clicking your name in the top right-hand corner, and selecting "Settings" from the dropdown 

2. Double check that you have the paid version of Khanmigo. If you have signed up for the free teacher tools only, you won't be able to turn Khanmigo on for your children, or access the parent + learner Khanmigo activities. Below is what you will see on your settings page if you fall in this category:

3. Scroll down to the "Roles" section

4. Click the "Parent" check box 

5. Click "Save Changes" 

Please note, if you have a paid Khanmigo plan and have the Teacher + Parent roles turned on for your Khan Academy account, you will have two Khanmigo activities pages.

  • The Teacher Tools are located on your Teacher Dashboard in the "Khanmigo Tools" section
  • Clicking the "AI Activities" link in the top righthand corner of the screen will take you to the Parent + Learner activities

parent + teacher activities pages.png

We hope this article was helpful in understanding the Khanmigo parent tools! If you need additional guidance, please reach out to our support team through this link. We are here and happy to help.