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Transitioning from using grassroots Khan Academy to Khan Academy Districts


This article is for teachers who used Khan Academy with their students before the district chose to purchase Khan Academy Districts

Welcome! Now that your district has chosen to purchase Khan Academy Districts, we’d like to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your students. There are 3 key things you need to know about when making the transition from Khan Academy prior to Khan Academy Districts (we refer to this as “grassroots” KA) to Khan Academy Districts: 

  1. Account linking
  2. What data is preserved?
  3. Class dashboard cleanup

1. Account Linking

If you or your students have been using Khan Academy prior to Khan Academy Districts, there may be one step - which we call account linking - that you need to take in order to ensure your previous activity on our platform is ported into your new Khan Academy Districtsaccount.

The below video goes over everything you need to know about if you were using Khan Academy with your students before your district purchased Khan Academy Districts: 

If you already have a Khan Academy account associated with your official school email address or have been using Clever Library, good news! Your accounts will automatically be linked when you log in, no action needed.

Account Linking Instructions for Teachers:
If you have been using a different email address than your official school email for your Khan Academy account, follow the below instructions to link that account to your new Khan Academy Districts account:

  • You’ll receive an activation email (subject line “Confirm your official Khan Academy account”)
  • Open that email and click on the blue button that says “Confirm your account
  • On the next screen, click the button “Log into my existing account” (pictured below)

  • Log into your existing account using your username and password, or through clicking the Continue with Google button.  
  • Your accounts are now linked! You will see your previous classes and your district rostered classes in one place.

Account Linking Instructions for Students: 

  • This process is the same for students, except they do not receive an activation email. 
  • If a student has been using Khan Academy previously with their official school email address or Clever Library, their previous account will be automatically linked to their new Khan Academy Districts account. 

2. What Data is Preserved?

You’re probably wondering what data from your old Khan Academy accounts is preserved in your new Khan Academy Districts accounts, and what is lost.

  • The good news: 
    • Your grassroots classes are preserved to refer back to. 
      • BUT your district will want you to use the new Khan Academy Districts classes for any work students do in the future, so that the data shows appropriately on the administrator dashboards.
    • All student mastery progress data is preserved. 
      • So, for example, if you create the same mastery goal for students in your new classes as one they were working on in their old classes, they will get credit for all of the mastery points they’ve already earned, and be at the same % progress as they were in your previous class. 
  • The bad news: 
    • Any assignments or mastery goals set in your previous grassroots classes, cannot be moved over to your new Khan Academy Districts classes. You’ll have to recreate them. 
    • Even if you do recreate the same assignments for students in your new classes, if they had previously completed that assignment, the score will not transfer over
      • Students will have to re-do the assignment in order for that score to be captured in the new class.
      • As mentioned previously though, mastery data will transfer over to the new mastery goals you create.

3. Class Dashboard Cleanup

As mentioned previously, any grassroots classes that you created before activating your Khan Academy Districts account will still remain active and on your teacher dashboard. Your district will want you and your students to transition to using the district-rostered Khan Academy Districts classes for data and reporting purposes.

To minimize student confusion, we recommend that you clean up your class dashboard after gathering the data you need from them, so that obsolete classes don’t show up in the product for students. You can easily delete classes from your teacher dashboard under the Settings tab.

Additional guidance on how to do this can be found in steps 2 and 3 of this Khan Academy Support Article  


Need further guidance? Please reach out to our support team through this link!