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How do I manage my Khanmigo subscription?



As a Khanmigo user, you have several ways you can manage your Khanmigo subscription and payment methods.

To manage your subscription, take the following steps:

1. Visit your settings page (make sure you're logged in) and then click on the "Khanmigo" tab.

2. Click on "Manage your subscription on Stripe" (Stripe is our payment processor).

- If you do not see the "Manage your subscription on Stripe" link, please contact support



3. Enter the email address associated with your account. 

4. You will then receive an email from Stripe that contains a link allowing you to manage your subscription. Click on "Log in" to be taken to your account management portal. (Note: you will have to enter your email address and click on a link every time you wish to access your account)


While in your portal you can:

  • Cancel your subscription
  • Update billing information
  • Add additional payment methods
    • With multiple methods:
      • You can set one as a default
      • You can delete payment methods
  • View payment history/download receipt

If you have any issues performing these tasks, no worries! Feel free to contact support and we can assist you!