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Can I assign SAT content to my class?


While you can assign SAT videos and articles, you cannot assign SAT practices, tests or timed mini-sections. To assign SAT videos or articles to your class, you will need to assign the content from the SAT library on the Khan Academy website.

You will need to browse through our library until you find material that you want your students to interact with. Once you click on a resource, you’ll notice an assignment toolbar near the top of the screen.


Using that toolbar, you can select the class, student(s), and due date you want for that piece of material. Then, clicking Assign will assign it immediately and clicking Save will save it to a Saved tab where you can edit and post it later. 


Optionally, you can also select SAT from the subject list offered when creating a class.


Once the class is created you will have the SAT tab available in your class.


You can also enable the SAT tab in a class' Settings tab:


For more information, see the SAT Coach Tools Guide.