How can we help?

What features does the video player have?


If you do not find these options, it is probably because you have been directed to a backup player. This happens occasionally because of heavy traffic or problems with the normal player.

If you have trouble selecting these options, you may have to start the video player first. 


  • Under any video, click the Cogwheel button and select Speed.
  • Select the option to change the video speed to 0.25 - 2.0 times the normal speed.

Subtitles/Closed captions

  • Under any video, click the CC icon to turn subtitles on.


  • To adjust Subtitles Settings, click the Cogwheel button and select Subtitles/CC, then Options.


  • Make your adjustment (for instance, Font color: Black and Background color: Yellow).


Interactive transcript

  • Under any video, select Transcript. This not only shows exactly what is being said in the video, but it also allows the learners to jump around (e.g., repeat a section) more easily.