How can we help?

What information do I need to include to submit an effective bug report or help request?


We want to give you the best tips and tricks for reporting issues so you can submit a flawless bug report or request to our support team for help! This will help us get you help more quickly.

The best bug reports and help requests cover one issue at a time, while also answering as many of the below questions in the initial message:

  1. Where were you on the site when you were experiencing this Issue (Provide a URL)
  2. What accounts and/or classrooms are affected?
    • Please share the email addresses and/or usernames of the administrator, teacher, and /or student(s) accounts along with the classroom names
  3. What were you expecting to happen?
  4. What actually happened? As many details as possible please! 
  5. Did you find a workaround? (example: it worked on a different browser or device, or when you refreshed the page, the issue was fixed) 
  6. A screenshot of the issue is very helpful. Here's more information about how to take a screenshot. When you are submitting a ticket to our support team, you'll see the "Did you attach a screenshot of the issue?" section at the bottom.   

For example, if you can't log in for some reason, it won't help too much if you post:
"ARGGG!!!! I can't log in. Help!"

  • Instead, take a look at the questions above. A response that will enable us to help you may sound something like this:
  • "When I was on the homepage (, I clicked on the 'Sign In with Facebook' button. I expected to see a page to log into Facebook; Instead, the page went black.  I reloaded the page, tried again, and it happened a second time."

As for workarounds, we'd love to know if your problem is limited to one browser, or if you were able to access the functionality elsewhere on the site, for example:

  • "I had this problem in Chrome, but not in Firefox."
  • "Changing from Chrome to Firefox and clearing my cache/cookies/history did not make a difference, but I was able to log in using the ordinary Khan Academy login."
  • We know that not all users are able to try different browsers, but if you have tried something that also didn't work, we'd like to know that, too. 

Finally, please do not submit any passwords, pictures of people, personal details, or other sensitive information in your request. This will help us continue providing a secure online environment to you and all other users on our platform!