How can we help?

What are the code reviewing guidelines?


Thank you for helping your fellow learners improve their code by offering a code review. Here are some common areas for improvement that you can comment on:

  • Readability: How descriptive are their variable names? Is the indentation weird or non-existent? You can link them to the Readable Code talk-through to learn more.
  • Comments: Could some complex parts of their code be commented better? You can link them to the Clarifying with Comments talk-through to learn more.
  • Data Structures: Would their code be better if they used an object instead of an array? Keep in mind that not all learners will be familiar with all data structures, so you could say: "This would be a great place to use objects. If you haven't learned them yet, you could re-visit this once you have."
  • Performance: Are they using draw, when they could actually just use mouseClicked or keyPressed?

And of course, do not be negative or offensive when offering your critique - be helpful and provide nice and actionable feedback!