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Tips for Answering Programming Questions


Thank you for helping your fellow learners by answering their questions about programming. Here are some tips:

  • For web and ProcessingJS projects, when possible, guide them to use the documentation found in the Documentation tab (check the screenshot below). If their question could have been answered by consulting the documentation, then we want to make sure that's the first thing they try next time they have a question. For example, you can say: "You can find your answer by looking at the documentation and clicking on the square command."


  • If they are wondering how to do something and you create a program to show them, please comment that program heavily, so that they can actually understand it. Or, make the program only do 90% of what they want, and encourage them to take it 100% of the way.  
  • You can access the Study Group Community and look for questions that other users have related to computer programming.

Got other tips to add to this? Let us know!