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How can I change the reading level that Khanmigo responds in?


Khan Academy offers 2 additional settings which can help customize your Khanmigo experience to best fit your needs: reading style and the default language. This article will cover how to access these settings, and cover some details about the reading style.

You can access your Khanmigo Settings at any time through 2 ways: 

  1. Adjusting the option on your Khanmigo Settings page on your Learner Home

  2. Clicking the three dots in the purple bar at the top of the chat box or Activities page, followed by the "Preferences" link


In your Khanmigo preferences, you can adjust the Reading level of Khanmigo messages to one of the three options: Simple, Standard, and Professional. When you first start using Khanmigo, your Reading style will be set to Simple.

In grade level terms, you can generally think of:

  • Simple as corresponding to a 2nd grade reading level
  • Standard being a 6th grade reading level
  • Professional is at college reading leve

That said, this is not a precise definition and we encourage you to play around with the different styles to find one that works best for you, your students, or children. 

Note: If you are a teacher whose students have access to Khanmigo through a Khan Academy Districts partnership, you can adjust their Khanmigo settings for them. Related resource: How do I edit my students' Khanmigo settings?