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What types of content can I assign to my students?


Khan Academy offers a wide range of educational content for your students. The content is organized into courses, which are based on specific subjects and include a variety of material.

Courses then are organized in the below structure: 

  1. Courses consist of units and the Course Challenge
  2. Units are comprised of lessons and quizzes
  3. Lessons are comprised of a mix of articles, videos and practice exercises  

Teachers have 2 categories of tasks they can have their students work on: 

  1. Mastery Goals
    • Course Mastery Goals and Unit Mastery Goals are longer-term options for teachers who would like their students to work towards mastering all skills in a course or a particular unit in that course. 
    • Teachers can monitor their students’ understanding and Mastery level as they complete the exercises, quizzes, course challenge, and Mastery challenge in the Khan Academy course. 
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  2. Assignments: 
    • These are one-off tasks designed for students to complete a specific piece of Khan Academy content in a course.
    • Teachers can choose to assign any of the following types of content from a Khan Academy course: article, video, exercise, quiz, unit test, or course challenge. 
      • Course challenges are 30 questions long and cover all the skills from across the entire course, so can be helpful to gauge students’ level of understanding at a broader level
      • Unit tests are a minimum of 9 questions long and cover all the skills in a unit, so can be helpful if students are working towards a Unit mastery goal
      • Quizzes are a minimum of 5 questions long and cover the skills in a particular lesson 
      • Practice exercises are 4-7 questions long and cover a select group of skills in a lesson 
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Some teachers like to give their students a Mastery goal for them to work on throughout a longer time frame, like a school year or semester, and specific assignments for the skills they may need to focus more on. 

We encourage you to find a classroom routine that works best for your students’ learning goals and your teaching practice. 

If you would like more information about Khan Academy's Teacher Tools, please check out the below resources: 

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