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What student SAT data is available to teachers?


Khan Academy offers teachers a variety of data about how their students are preparing for both the digital and traditional versions of the SAT. During this transition period where Khan Academy has preparation options for both versions of the test, extra care needs to be taken to make sure you are looking at the correct student data for which version of the test they are studying for. 

This article will cover where teachers can find the data for each version of the test that students are preparing for, and how to export the data. 

Below is an image showing a high level overview of where you can access each type of data from your Teacher Dashboard: 

Now let’s dive in a bit deeper to learn more about the options highlighted above:

Digital SAT Prep Data:  If students are preparing for the Digital SAT test through Khan Academy’s Official Digital SAT Prep courses, teachers can monitor data just as how they would monitor data from any other course their students are working on. 

SAT Prep Data for the Paper and Pencil SAT:  If students are preparing for the traditional paper and pencil version of the SAT through Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice, teachers can monitor data through the SAT report

  • This tab provides a high-level view of your class's progress in their SAT practice, including: which students who have shared their SAT practice activity with you, which students have not shared their SAT practice activity with you, the top skills your class needs help with, as well as the specific math, reading, and writing lessons and skill levels for your class

We recognize that you may need additional support in ensuring you are viewing, analyzing, and exporting the most relevant student SAT prep data. Please check out the below resources which offer more information about using Khan Academy to help your students prepare for the Digital SAT:

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team with questions! We are here to help ensure you have the data you need to navigate this transition from the traditional SAT to the digital version.