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How do I use the different Progress reports for administrators?


Khan Academy provides many reports for administrators to monitor and track student learning progress with. This article will give you an overview of the different Progress Reports offered to administrators, the data analysis options for the reports, and some specific technical aspects to keep in mind when using them.   

Since each school and district may have different data needs, Administrators have 5 different options to monitor student progress

  1. Progress by Courses
  2. Progress by Schools
  3. Progress by Grades
  4. Progress by Teachers
  5. Skills Progress 

Each of these reports are accessible on the Administrator Dashboard by clicking the “Progress” dropdown on the left-hand sidebar, then selecting the report you would like to view. 

The below features are available on the Progress by Course, Schools, Grades and Teachers reports:

  1. Targeted subject areas. Click "More" to see all the options  
  2. Minimum active students customization option. Use this to filter out schools, teachers or classes 
  3. Only show courses added by teacher customization option. Select this box for more targeted data 
  4. Customizable filters for selecting specific subject date ranges, schools and gradesClick “Apply” after selecting your filters to see the results.  
  5. When you hover over the column titles, a tooltip appears and explains more about the metrics. 
  6. Reverse the sorting order from high-low, to low-high by clicking on the “Total” “Average” or “Proficiency” column titles 

 Below is an image outlining these features: 

Some additional data analysis options for the Progress by Course, Schools, Grades and Teachers reports:  

  1. Whenever you see a > symbol, that means the data can be expanded and drilled into further.
  2. When you click on a student’s name, you are taken to their Individual Student Skill report which shows information on all their skills progress while working on Khan Academy. 

Below is a gif showing this functionality:

Admin reports updated.gif

A few technical reminders to keep in mind when using the Progress by  Course, Schools, Grades and Teachers reports:

  • The columns with “average” values use “Active students” as the denominator.
    • Active is classified as spent 30 seconds or more on articles, videos, practice exercises, or quizzes/tests/challenges for this course.
    • This is a notable change from school year ’22-23 and prior, which used rostered students as a denominator for “average” values.


Now, let’s dive into how to use the Skills Progress report, as this has slightly different functionality than the Progress by Courses, Schools, Grades and Teachers reports. 

The Skills Progress report allows administrators deeper insight into which skills students have demonstrated understanding, and which ones might still need more focus.

The Skills Progress report offers the below customizable filters:  

  1. Date Range: (Today, last 7 days, last 30 days, or custom range) 
    • Please note: Progress data available for this report goes back to October 2021. Skills worked on before this date will not show up on the report.
  2. Khan course: (The Khan Academy course added to the classroom. Example: Algebra 1) 
    • Please note: that the teacher must have added the course to their classroom in order for the student work to appear on this report) 
  3. Schools 
    • Please note: if you’re not seeing a school you expected to see listed here, you might not have Admin access to that school’s data on Clever or Classlink. 
  4. Grades 
  5. District Course (Optional field, as not all districts use course IDs on Clever or Classlink to roster with Khan Academy) 
  6. Teachers (Optional field. If unselected, all teachers from the selected schools and grades will be displayed) 

Skills Progress Report Filters Gif.gif

After selecting your filters and hitting the Apply button, the report will show the data available according to the chosen criteria.

Below are some additional data analysis options for the Skills Progress report: 

  1. Combined and Unit view
    • Use this drop-down menu to choose whether to display all the skills in a Combined view or by skills listed in each unit in the Unit view. 
  2. Sorting options
    • Use this drop-down menu to choose one of the several sorting options. To quickly identify which skills students need more support on, sort by Attempted (high to low) 
    • For more information on how the Khan Academy's Mastery levels work, check out this article.
  3. Mastery levels
    • On the top right corner of the results window, you can find the interactive Mastery levels matching the progress bar colors. Click on a proficiency level to hide it from the progress bars below. 
    • In the Unit view, the Mastery levels can be enabled or disabled by unit.
  4. Progress bars
    • The progress bars show the number of students that worked on each skill in different colors for each Mastery level achieved. 
    • Hovering over each bar shows the total of students that worked on that skill and a breakdown of students by Mastery level. Clicking on each Mastery level brings up the list of students included.
    • Clicking on a student's name in the list takes you to their Individual Progress Report, giving you an overview of that student's progress across skills.

Skills Progress Report Step 2 Gif.gif

If you would like to explore the data from the Skills Progress Report, there are two options: 

  1. Save as image icon
    • After making the desired selections and choosing the viewing and sorting options that best fit your needs, click on the Save as image icon in the upper right corner to save the current view as a .jpeg image.
    • In the Unit view, each unit view can be saved separately. 
  2. CSV Export link
    • If you'd like to explore the Skills Report data further on your own device, click on the CSV Export link in the upper right corner to go to the Export Student Data page and then click on the Skills Progress tab.
    • To learn more about how to export a CSV file of student data, check out this article: How do I export a CSV file for Khan Academy Districts administrator reports?  


We hope these Progress reports give you access to the data you need to understand and support your students throughout their learning journeys! 

If you have feedback about how you use these features or ideas for improvements, please share your thoughts with your District Success Manager or contact our support team. We’d love to hear from you!