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Guide to the Mastery Tower in-classroom game experience


What Is Mastery Tower? 

Mastery Tower is a live in-classroom game experience designed to boost student engagement, drive deep learning and close skill gaps. At this time, Mastery Tower is available to teachers that are rostered through a Khan Academy Districts or MAP Accelerator partnership. 

Individual student achievements throughout the 20 minute session contribute to a class goal that celebrates learners at all levels while also engaging the class as a team. 

Check out the quick video below to learn more!


Below are some instructions on how to play Mastery Tower:

Get ready for game time: 

Step 1: Set a Course Mastery Goal or create active student assignments. Students must complete assigned content items for them to count towards the Mastery Tower goal. 

  • Please note: reading articles or watching videos do not count towards Mastery Tower progress. 

Step 2: Prepare your computer and classroom projector or log into your Khan Academy account on your Smart Board to display Mastery Tower to students.

  • Please note: If you desire, ensure that sound is enabled to include the music and sound effects during game time. 

Step 3: From your Teacher Dashboard, choose the class you’d like to launch Mastery Tower with from your teacher dashboard and click the Mastery Tower link in your left hand navigation bar.

  • Please note: Mastery Tower is enabled on all district-synced teacher accounts. If you expect to see the Mastery Tower link but do not see it, please ensure you are logged into your KAD or MAP rostered account.  If you are still having trouble, reach out to our Support team here:

Step 4: Choose a name for your class tower. The tower name will be displayed on the Mastery Tower Leaderboard.

  • Please note: you cannot change your tower name for the beta version of Mastery Tower, so be sure to choose one you and your students enjoy!  

Step 5: Set a weekly goal for your class. 

  • Please note: Goals are recommended based on class size, and the tower resets weekly on Sunday evenings.  
    • 1 skill level up by any student = 1 floor added to the tower


Playing Mastery Tower: 

Step 1: Click the Mastery Tower link in the left hand navigation bar from your class dashboard. 

Step 2: Press the spacebar to check your class’s progress toward their weekly goal.

Step 3: When your class is ready, click Play

  • Please note: the Mastery Tower session lasts for 20 minutes
    • However, you can exit the session early if you would like. To do this, click the "End" or the "X" button at the top of the game screen, then the blue "OK" button on the confirmation popup.

Step 4: Once the timer has started, when students complete an assigned activity and level up on any skills, a floor is added to the tower. 

  • 1 skill level up by any student = 1 floor added to the tower

Step 5: Celebrate student progress throughout the game. Keep an eye out for surprise animations throughout the session!  

Step 6: View the Nationwide Leaderboard after the game concludes to see where your class stacks up against others! 

  • Note: the Leaderboard looks at weekly scores from the previous and current weeks, not all time high scores. 

Some teachers have also found success in hosting competitions between their classes or the different grade levels at their school where they compare their high scores. You never know what a little friendly rivalry can do for student learning! :) 


Have feedback about the game you would like to send to the Khan Academy team? Click the "Submit Feedback" link in the top left hand corner of the game screen or submit a ticket to our support team through this link.