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How do I leave feedback about Khanmigo?


Khanmigo is a new tool that is still being improved to best assist you at Khan Academy. Giving us feedback about your conversations and experiences with it is crucial to its future development. Therefore, you will find two ways to leave feedback about Khanmigo. 

1. Clicking the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down icons

  • Please click the Thumbs Up button if Khanmigo’s message was: 
    • Useful to you
    • Accurate or correct 
    • Compassionate or kind
    • Prompting you to do the work yourself
  • Please click the Thumbs Down button if Khanmigo’s message was: 
    • Not helpful or relevant to your conversation
    • Inaccurate or incorrect
    • Unsafe or inappropriate
    • Giving you the direct answer instead of helping you solve it yourself 

2. Clicking the "Leave Feedback" link

This opens a short form for you to leave more in-depth feedback about your conversation and experiences with Khanmigo. Filling this out will send your feedback directly to the right team so they can take a look at it.

Thank you for helping improve Khanmigo by leaving feedback!