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Why aren’t videos showing as completed in my profile?


There are a few reasons why videos might not show as completed after watching them on Khan Academy. First, it's helpful to understand how progress is shown as you view a video:

Completed videos will have a full colored bar at the bottom of the icon with a checkmark above it, and this will be reflected in the progress.


Incomplete videos will have a half-colored bar at the bottom of the icon.


Videos that haven’t been viewed within a lesson will have no colored bar.


Khan Academy will generally mark a video as incomplete if:

  • You skip through a section of the video (even if it's just a few seconds)
  • You skip to the next video before the current video ends
  • You open up a different video while the current video is still playing 

Note: Playback speed doesn't affect progress or completeness, so you can watch videos at up to 2x their original speed and still have that video marked as completed.

Here are a few other reasons videos might not be marked complete in your profile:

  • You're not logged in

If you watched a video while logged out of your account, video progress can't be recorded to your account.

  • You have internet connection issues

If you have a slow or spotty internet connection, the video may not be recorded as fully watched. Please check this article for Khan Academy connection requirements.

  • You closed the video before it reached the end

If you close the video window before the video ends (even if there are only a few seconds left), the video will be recorded as incomplete in your profile. All seconds must be watched, so be sure to let the video play all the way to the end.

  • You are watching a video in another language (other than English) tied to its original English counterpart.

This means that the duration of the video is only stored for the original English version. 

Possible workaround: A learner can play the English version of the video (while logged in to and they'll gain credit for the video in their language.

If you followed all the instructions above but your videos still don't show as completed, please report a problem describing the issue and the steps you took (with screenshots if possible).