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How can I check if my school is eligible for Khan Academy Districts?


Khan Academy offers top-quality content, mastery-based learning and classroom tools for users around the globe. 

Our powerful Khan Academy Districts product offers school districts in the United States in-depth administrative reporting, professional learning sessions, and streamlined account set-up to help your school adopt Khan Academy in its classrooms. 

Previously Khan Academy Districts was available as a district wide product only, but now it can be adopted at the school level through the purchase of an individual site license!


Check the 3 requirements below to learn if the Khan Academy Districts product is the right fit for your school:

Requirement 1: School Size

The Khan Academy Districts standard single school license is designed for schools in the United States that have 750 or fewer students.

  • If your school has above 750 students though, we have different plan options that can meet your needs! 

Requirement 2: Rostering Tool 

Khan Academy Districts requires rostering through Clever or ClassLink

If you are not rostered through Clever or Classlink, please see the below resources to learn more about how to get started:

Does your school use a different rostering tool? Let us know here! We are always looking to improve and better meet your school’s needs

Requirement 3: Rostering Permissions 


Does Khan Academy Districts sound like a good fit for your school? Connect with us here!