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What is Khan Academy Districts?


Khan Academy Districts offers additional features for district-level users who are in search of a stable, wider-scale solution, in addition to Khan Academy's free world-class curriculum, our Mastery learning system, and actionable teacher insights.

Enterprise account management

  • Advanced rostering integration with Clever automatically creates stable, secure accounts for all teachers and students, saving time for teachers and ensuring that student progress can be reliably measured.
  • Priority technical support for all teachers guarantees a fast response to the technical needs of all teachers and students.

Comprehensive training and professional development 

  • Tailored professional development and training sessions help teachers successfully use Khan Academy to meet each student’s unique needs.
  • Training for administrators and district leaders builds internal expertise. 
  • Flexible training formats meet the constraints and preferences of each district.

Empowering analytics for school and district administrators

  • Comprehensive and intuitive analytics about both usage and performance empowers administrators to improve district-wide student achievement. 
  • Analytics target both the forest and the trees, providing clear trends and insights alongside access to detailed data by district, school, grade, classroom, and student.

A dedicated partnership manager 

  • Districts receive a personal Khan Academy partnership manager to help tailor a long-term implementation plan, discuss data, and provide ongoing support.

To learn more about Khan Academy Districts, I encourage you to visit our District Partnerships page, which can be found here. Once you've clicked on the "Contact our Districts team" and completed the form therein, our District team will follow-up with you directly.