Как да помогнем?

I thought I translated this already! Why has my translation disappeared?


Sometimes a string may change very slightly when we fix a punctuation mistake, or correct some wording in the English string. Other times you might come across a string that is eerily familiar to something that you already translated.

Take for example:

  • [String 1] We know each tick mark is <code><var>SCALE</var></code> because <code>0</code> and <code><var>SCALE</var></code> are labeled.
  • [String 2] We know each tick mark represents <code><var>SCALE</var></code> because <code><var>-SCALE</var></code> and <code><var>SCALE</var></code> are labeled.

Check out the difference.  It can get tricky at times. You may come across many other examples as well, but don't fret. Your translations are not getting lost. You are just helping us translate different aspects of similar questions.

If you still feel like your translations are getting lost, please don't hesitate to create an issue and we will try and get back to you shortly.

You may also want to change your to change your Translation Machine editor settings described below.