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How do I create subtitles on Khan Academy videos?



To translate subtitles, Khan Academy translators use YouTube's Fan Captions tool. This allows you to take the existing English-language captions, and translate the text into your language. To subtitle, following these steps:

  1. Go to the Khan Academy Translation Portal, and select your language* (Note: the first time you log into the Translation Portal, you may be asked to sign up on Crowdin, the online translation platform that we use.)
  2. Select Subtitles from the menu on the left
  3. Choose a subject*, and then select a video on the right that needs to be translated.  We recommend you start with Math since it is the subject that is required to get a Khan Academy website for your language (see goals and milestones here)
  4. This will bring you to YouTube’s Fan Captions tool. If there are no English captions to translate, please contact i18n_support@khanacademy.org
  5. You can start to translate now! For more functions, follow the directions here to get started

    6. Subtitles will automatically be published when they get enough reviews from YouTube users. See more info here.

* If you do not see your language in the Translation Portal or do not see the subject you want to do subtitles for in your language, you can still work on subtitles by going directly to YouTube using the instructions linked in #5 above.