Как да помогнем?

What translation tools do advocates and translators use?


This entry will help you understand our translation tools, and will help train your volunteer team. 

Khan Academy advocates use three translation tools:

  • The Khan Academy Translation Portal (the main translation dashboard)
  • Crowdin.com (to accept new translators onto the team and approve written translations)
  • Youtube.com (to approve and host translated videos)

Khan Academy Translation Portal: Translation teams use the Translation Portal to access and translate videos, exercises/articles, and website/mobile app text. The Portal contains everything that the translator needs to work on, and is easy to navigate. Translators on your team should always work directly from the Translation Portal. Advocates, however, will need to learn a bit about Crowdin and Youtube and how they integrate with our Translation Portal.

Crowdin: Crowdin is an external website that Khan Academy advocates use to help manage part of the translation process. Specifically:

  1. You will have volunteers register with Crowdin in order to join your team (the advocate accepts or declines these applications)
  2. You, as an advocate, will use Crowdin to approve the written translations of your volunteers.  

Youtube: The advocate will go directly to the youtube language channel that we provide in order to approve translated videos from volunteers. We recommend that you create a private playlist for volunteers to upload their files. The approved translated videos must also be mapped (linked) to the original English video (instructions here). 

Good luck!